Projects I've worked on



I am a graduate student in the PhD Human Factors and Applied Cognition program at NCSU, currently pursuing my Master's. I have a passion and curiosity for the user and their experience. I believe any system can be improved with theory-driven empirical methods and a deep, personal understanding of the user.

Currently I am a researcher in the NCSU Laboratory for Analytic Sciences and NCSU Science of Security lablet under Dr. Christopher Mayhorn. In my own researcher I hope to uncover the nature of how humans rely on automation, focusing on anthropomorphism of automated systems.

I have experience with user testing (task analysis, usability evaluation) through my graduate research. I have experience mocking up websites through my practice in HTML/CSS as webmaster, as well as other digital prototypes like the dynamic HUD redesign in a video game. Some tools I used to complete these things are the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop and After Effects), Microsoft Office Suite, and IBM SPSS.

I have communicated with product users frequently in my customer care position at When I Work, and then communicated pain points of product use to the product team. I also researched user needs in the community to identify growth strategies in an internship with the American Swedish Institute in Mineapolis, MN. I have a passion for uncovering the story of the user in order to create the most efficient and enjoyable experience in a product or process.