Hi there! I’m Carl, a quantitative UX researcher.

I’m an experienced industry UX researcher with an academic background in human factors psychology. I currently work at Reddit as a senior quantitative UX researcher, with previous experience at Meta, UserZoom, and Red Hat. I am a mixed-methods researcher by training, but I focus on quantitative UX research. My work ranges from usability measurement to initial problem-space exploration.

Unlike visual design or interaction design, it’s hard to intuitively assess if UX research is good or bad. I have the experience to understand research for its strategic usefulness and methodological validity.


UX research blog

Read posts about UX research and quantitative methods.

Task completion calculator

I built a calculator in R Shiny to help my team analyze and visualize data from usability tests.

UX benchmarking slides

I gave a tutorial on UX benchmarking with developer tools at DevConf.


I value the opportunity mentor prospective and current UX researchers. I use ADPList to manage my mentorship connections. If you’re interested in chatting with me, sign up or send a message on ADPList.